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Sitka A&P Mechanic

Our hangar facility features a fully outfitted shop and multiple A&P certified aviation mechanics. The generous square footage allows us to work on several jobs at once, ensuring rapid, high quality service. We provide many services including Annual Inspections, 100 Hour Inspections, tires, brakes and general maintenance on most aircraft.

Harris Aircraft Maintenance began in 1998 when Scott Harris (who had worked for Bellair, Inc. and Mountain Aviation, Inc. for many years) decided to venture out on his own and start a shop catering to aircraft locally and privately owned. The shop provided much the same work as it does today, Annual Inspections, routine and preventative maintenance, basic repairs and alterations, etc. In addition, the company provided “Emergency” maintenance for larger carriers such as Alaska Airlines, Alaska Central Express, Evergreen Airlines, Mark Air and Air One, the latter three are no longer in existence. In 1999, the Company grew to own and operate its own aircraft and the name changed from Harris Aircraft Maintenance to Harris Aircraft Services, Inc. By operating its own aircraft the company hired more mechanics topping out with 5 certificated mechanics to cover 7 days per week, year around support of company owned AND locally owned Part 91 (private) aircraft. By 2019 the market was changing and the costs of insurance and hurdles of hiring pilots proved too much for Harris Aircraft Services, Inc. and the Company ceased its flying operations.  In the meantime, Harris Aircraft Maintenance was revived and became its own entity once again. A hangar is leased on the Juneau Airport to fill the void left years ago when Wingnut Aviation shuttered its doors.  As we always have, we still remain and provide great maintenance service at the Sitka Airport.  Harris Aircraft Maintenance is determined to provide aircraft maintenance services to those private aircraft owners throughout the region. As time progresses the Company plans to add basic avionics installs and certification services for IFR and VFR equipped aircraft. In addition, it the intent of the company to offer parts sales over the counter in the hope of further supporting the regional airplane community.

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